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New Media and Augmented Culture

The authorís Leonardo da Vinci Studies and work on a standard bibliography on perspective brought to light limitations of traditional print media and prompted study of the potentials of new media. In the 1990s this led the author to become an advisor to the Head of Advanced Networks, Northern Telecom (now Nortel Networks) and to the President of Bell Media Linx, linked with Bell Canada. From this emerged two books and a series of articles. This ongoing work is leading to a new demo which surveys developments in new media.


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Understanding New Media: Augmented Knowledge and Culture, 2001 (Calgary: University of Calgary Press, 2004, in press).




2000 Content, Form and Expression
2001 Open Source and Culture
2002 Jewels of Tomorrow
2003 Historical Heritage and Future Creativity
2004 Edutainment, Technotainment and Culture

Italian Version
2007 Virtual Reconstructions, Knowledge Organization and Creativity

 Education and Research

1991 Knowledge Packages
1991 Databanks in Education
1991 Museums, Education and the McLuhan Centre
1992 McLuhan Global Village Demo Room
1992 National Networked Centre for Education and Training
1993 Electronic Highway and Education, New Doors to Keep Open
1994 Databank on Perspective, the Concept of Knowledge Packages
1994 Knowledge Package Construction
1994 How the Information Society can Transform Education
1995 Art and Science with a Child's Point of View
1996 Acceptance of the CAPIRE Prize, Kos, 1996
1997 Why Computers are Transforming the Meaning of Education
1997 New Roles for Education through the Internet
2001 Response to Keynote Lecture by Donald A. Norman
2003 Roadmaps for Research and Research Topics
2004 Potentials of New Media for Education

2006 Media nova

2000 Globalisation et nouvelles technologies les choix: Abstract


1994 System for Universal Media Searching (SUMS)
1994 Front-end for Multi-valent, Multi-cultural Searching
1996 SUMS Six Steps in Development
1996 SUMMA System for Universal Multi Media Access
1996 Future Strategies and Visions, SUMS and SUMMA
1998 Interfaces for Cultural Heritage
2000 New Interfaces

1996 McLuhan's Distinctions and the Internet
2002 Domain Names and Classification Systems
2000 Le nommage et indexage comme vision panoptique du réel
2000 MEMECS Namur
2002 Internet domain names and indexing
2004 American Visions of the Internet
         Revised version
         Dutch Translation by Nino Nien
         Arabic Translation of Sameness (Appendix 2) by Nino Nien
         Amercian Visions of Convergence (28.03.2006)
         Appendix 2. Diversity or Sameness? Reflections on Differences between Europe and the United States.
2005 Access Claims and Quality on the Internet
        Short Published Version

1998 European Network of Centres of Excellence in Digital Culture and ICT
2002 European Networks of Excellence and Japanese National Silk Roads
2001 Towards a new European Vision of Research
2001 Need for a Cultural Grid: Abstract
2002 E-Culture Net
2002 European Network of Centres of Excellence for Augmented Digital Culture
2002 European Networks of Excellence and Global Digital Culture
2003 E-Culture Net Thematic Network (2003-2004)
2003 Grid for Culture
2003 E-Culture, Art History and Museum Studies  
2004 Challenges and potentials for sharing between networks
         Short Published Version
2004 Needs Challenges and Thoughts for EU
2005 Culture, Creativity and the Internet
2007 Global Villages, Portable Internet, and Two-Way Communication

Memory Institutions
1990 Can Museum Computer Networks Change our Views of Knowledge?
1992 Ubiquitous Museum (UM)
1993 Past Imprecision for Future Standards,Computers New Roads to Knowledge
1993 Marshall McLuhan Information Technology Research Centre
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1995 Future of Public Galleries in the New Technological Age
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         Short Published Version
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2001 Trends and Perspectives. The New Technologies
2007 Framework for Long-term Digital Preservation from Political and Scientific Viewpoints
2007 Memory Institutions in a Networked World. See the conference web-site
2008 Links to Truth

1997 Proposal for a Monastery of the 21st century
1997 Electronic Monastery for Quality, Subjects and Creativity

Knowledge Organisation
1980 Thoughts on Computers and Knowledge
1981 Proposal Concerning the Reorganization of Knowledge
1981 Reality, Knowledge and Excellence
1983 Thoughts on the Reorganisation of Knowledge

1984 Multidimensional Bibliography and Classification
1986 Review Giesecke Buchdruck in der frühen Neuzeit
1991 Computers and a New Philosophy of Knowledge
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1993 New Media and New Knowledge
1993 Computers and the Transformation of Knowledge
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1995 Images and Words, Fractals and Fuzzy Logic
1996 Content Ordering or Ordered Content
1996 New Approaches to Searching, Teaching, Repairing, Advertising, Selling
1996 Panel Prometheus Unbound Again
1996 Space, Time, Information and Knowledge
1996 Questions and Choices  
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2001 Syntactic and Semantic Interoperability
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2002 Challenges for a Semantic Web
2002 Four Ways that Digital Communications are Changing Scholarship
2002 Connectivities of Content, Context and Communication
2002 Standard and Variant Names and Classifications
2003 Challenges for ICT Applications in Culture in the Next Decade
         French Version
2004 Kultur und Wissen im digitalen Zeitalter
         English Version
2004 Towards a Semantic Web for Culture
2004 Challenges for the Semantic Web and Information systems from Culture
2004 Infrastructures for Ways of Knowing
2004 New Ways of Scholarly Work in a Networked World | Lecture
2004 International Trends in Cultural Repositories
2004 New Combinations of Lectures, Books and Databases
         Russian Version
2005 Challenges for a Semantic Web
2005 New Media, New Models of Culture and E-Culture Net
2005 The World Tree, Alpha and Omega: Towards a New model for Culture
2005 EVA Moscow Report
2007 Opening Keynote: The New Book of Nature
2007 Trends and Challenges for Digital Culture
2008 Four Ways that Digital Communications are Transforming Scholarship
2008 The Semantic Web and Multi-level Links
2009 The Semantic Web past and future

Visual knowledge
1981 Proposals Concerning a Chair in Visual History
1993 Computers and the Visual Arts
1993 Electronic Media and Visual Knowledge

Virtual knowledge
2000 Virtuality and the Discovery of Reality
2001 Scientific Visualisation and Virtual Worlds
2002 Challenges of Virtual and Digital Culture
2003 Being There and Here New Forms of Interactivity  

2005 Virtuality in Europe


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