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New Models for Culture 

The authorís studies of perspective and culture during the 1970s and 1980s led gradually to a conviction that standard histories of art and culture (e.g. Janson, Summers) are much too Eurocentric. How can Europe, which is less than 5% of the world population create new models of culture which re-assess Europeís contributions and at the same time duly give credit to other cultures throughout the world? A central premise is that Europeís uniqueness is to be found less in its exclusive symbols and more in its inclusive approaches to knowledge and culture. This work has led to a number of articles and is leading to a series of courses for the Paris branch (Internet, Philosophy) of the new European University of Culture scheduled to open on 1 September 2005.

   Courses: Roadmaps for New Europe

   1. Fundamental Premises

   2. Europe and the World

   3. Individuals and Schools in Cultural History and Cultural Studies

   4. Methods in Culture, History, Historiography

Lectures  | Overview



1995 New Media and Copyright from an International Viewpoint
1996 Future of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
1997 What Must be Done to Realise these Scenarios
1997 Why Culture is Important
1997 Frontiers in Electronic Media
1998 Computers and the Importance of Culture
1999 World Access to Cultural Heritage. An Integrating Strategy
2000 Augmented Books, Knowledge and Culture
2001 Promoting the Future of Online Culture
2000 Challenge of Augmented Culture: Abstract
2001 Developments in Digital Culture
2003 Challenges for ICT in Cultural Heritage
         French Version 
         Spanish Version

         Expanded Version for Book
2004 Europe's Cultural Heritage in the Digital Age
2004 E-Culture Net and a New European University of Culture
2005 Challenges to Digital Culture
2005 Stories of the Sky: Astronomy, Myth, Religion and World Cultures (initial draft)
2006 Lines, Knots and Dragons

         Presentation: Astronomy as a Key to Cross Cultural Mythology (Knots A);
         Presentation: Astronomy as a Key to Cross Cultural Mythology (Knots B);
2006 Mediae novae fontesque novae
         Presentation: Mediae novae fontesque novae
2006 First-Future Webs
         Presentation: First-Future Webs (Part A);
         Presentation: First-Future Webs (Part B);
         Presentation: First-Future Webs (Part C);
         Presentation: First-Future Webs (Part D1);
         Presentation: First-Future Webs (Part D2);
         Presentation: First-Future Webs (Part D3);
         Presentation: First-Future Webs (Part E);
2007 "The Eye of the Needle": The Rhythms of the Sacred: time of the monk, time of the tourist on the global scene'
2008 Trends towards Networked Culture and MEDICI
2008 Cultivation, Culture, Meditation and Eternal Youth
2008 New Technologies in the Communication of Cultural Heritage
2009 Cosmologies, Elements and the Alphabet 2003

1986 New Classification for Art
1990 Progetti computerizzati nella storia dell'arte
1999 Goals of Culture and Art
2001 History of Art About and by Means of Computers

2001 Can Culture Survive in a Global Village? Abstract
2001 Cultures et langues de l'Internet
         English Abstract
2002 Media, Languages and the Integration of the Processes of Communication
2003 Contemporary World Issues in Cultural Diversity
          French Abstract
2003 Towards New Cultural Histories in a Networked World
          Russian Version
2004 Learning and Communicating with Old and New Media
         Dutch version


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