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Following a PhD (Warburg Institute, University of London, 1975) on the history of the two main methods of perspective, the author was invited to prepare a standard bibliography on perspective for the Convegno Internazionale: La prospettiva rinascimentale (Milan, 1977) conceived by the late Professor Eugenio Battisti and organized by Professoressa Marisa Dalai Emiliani (now Sapienza, Rome). This work led to the creation of a Perspective Unit at the McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology (1990-1996). The unit offered two graduate courses and was open to educators, scholars and students at all levels.

The Unit then became part of the Maastricht McLuhan Institute (1998-2004). The unit collects materials on the history, theory and applications of perspective, projection methods and spatial concepts. It uses electronic media to explore new approaches to knowledge and education. It houses a standard database with definitions, bibliography (15,000 titles), slide collection (c.12,000 images), microfilms (150), videos and books.

Perspective involves time as well as space. Because it is integrally connected with both the rise of narrative and literacy, perspective offers important insights into the interdependence of western literature and art. Alternative methods in non-Western cultures (aspective, inverted perspective, axial perspective, parallel perspective) are also studied. Because it transforms depicted and real spaces, perspective demonstrates how construction and representation of the man-made world change the world of nature; how mastery of key spatial elements transforms the very concept of environment. Technical applications range from art, mathematics, cartography and astronomy to recent developments in holography, stereoscopy and virtual reality. Metaphorical applications include literature, philosophy, psychology, psychiatry, sociology and anthropology.

A basic goal is to use electronic media to gather what is known on perspective in the form of a knowledge package which serves as a prototype for new approaches to knowledge in other fields. The System for Universal Media Searching (SUMS © 1992-2004) demo combines the format of a traditional book with databases for new multidimensional access to knowledge and information on perspective.


Sources of Perspective
Literature on Perspective
1990 Geometric Games. A Brief History of the not so Regular Solids new

Articles and Reviews

1975 Perspective Institute
1977 Review Lindberg Theories of Vision
1977 Review Edgerton Renaissance Rediscovery of Linear Perspective
1979 Military Surveying and Perspective
1979 Review Wheelock Perspective, Optics and Delft Artists
1980 Panofsky's Perspective A Half Century Later
1980 Problem der Perspektive
1980 Ptolemy and the Origins of Linear Perspective
1980 Review Bek Towards Paradise on Earth
1981 Review Kemp Leonardo da Vinci The Marvellous Works
1982 Visualisation and Perspective
†††† ††††Italian Version
1986 Literature on Perspective
1986 Perspective, Anamorphosis and Vision
1988 Review Ruurs Saenredam
1988 Review Kubovy Psychology of Perspective
1988 Perspective Courses
1991 Review Kemp Perspective Science and Art
1992 Perspective and the Scope of Optics
1992 Space, Time and Perspective in Print Culture and Electronic Media
1993 Developments in Perspective
1993 Computers and Renaissance Perspective
1993 Narrative, Perspective and the Orders of the Church
1984 Review Alpers Art of Describing
1995 Electronic Media, Rebirth of Perspective and Fragmentation
†††††††† German version
1994 Percezione, prospettiva e rappresentazione nell'America Settentrionale
†††††††† English Version
1995 Electronic Media in the Study of Alberti
1996 Piero della Francesca and Two Methods of Renaissance Perspective
2001 La ricostruzione storica della citta
2003 Paradoxes of Perspective Ideal and Real Cities
†††††††† Abstract

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